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Keeping your fleet clean can be stressful. In many industries, it’s an absolute necessity, and the process of assuring quality in these vehicles can become demanding. The process of getting your team to clean their own vehicles or assigning this work has previously been a lot. With Clean Fleet, each car in your fleet receives a key fob, so they can easily access and pay for their car washing.

At the end of the month, we’ll send you an invoice - don’t worry, you’ll only pay for what you’ve used. Clean Fleet is the easy way to keep your entire fleet clean.

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All kinds of fleets kept spick ‘n’ span

Rideshare vehicles

Emergency service vehicles

Couriers & delivery vehicles

Sales representatives

Education services

Partners we work with
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The premium products you need to make your fleet cars shine

Our touch-free auto car washes offer you the very best experience for your fleet car washing. It’s not just how easy we’ve made it, it’s the quality you receive. Our car washes, which are spread across Queensland and New South Wales, only utilise the very best products available.

Car Lovers Express offers you a spotless finish, every time, with using only the best soaps and sealants.

Arm your fleet with your Clean Fleet Key Fobs, so your team can wash, whenever

Sign up for Clean Fleet and get a key fob for each vehicle in your fleet. Your key fob offers you access to any of our touch-free auto washes across the east coast, along with our manual bays and vacuum facilities.

Flexible Budget

For each fob in your fleet, you can set a daily spending limit. This does not roll over and ensures your team cannot overspend on your fleet cleaning.

Receive an invoice at the end of each month

You’ll receive an invoice for every car in your fleet at the end of each month. It makes managing your account simple, while your fleet looks its best.

The ideal way to ensure a clean, professional fleet

Fleet car washing has long been difficult to track, account for, and encourage your team to do. Clean Fleet is the answer. By giving your team a simple and efficient way to wash, creating an easy way to account for these washes, and having an itemised report sent to you monthly, it’s easy to hold your team accountable for washing their vehicles.

Car being washed as part of Carlover's car fleet cleaning service

Here’s how it works

step one

Sign up for Clean Fleet

Get in touch and sign up for a Clean Fleet account. We’ll set you up with your fleet’s key fobs and create an account for your company.
step two

Use your key fob to start

Drive to your local Car Lovers Express car wash and tap your key fob at the beginning to start the car wash.

step three

Clean your car

Use the touch-free auto car wash, manual bay, or vacuum, and give your car a thorough clean.

step four

Only pay for what you use

Your usage is calculated at the end of your wash, and the amount is charged to your company account.

step five

Pay your invoice at the end of the month

You’ll receive an invoice at the end of the month, showing which cars’ fobs were used, and when.

Your Clean Fleet account gives you access to everything you need to keep your fleet clean

It’s not just your fleet’s exterior that calls for consistent maintenance. The interior will need vacuuming, and sometimes, a car in your fleet may need a manual wash. It’s all accounted for with Clean Fleet.

Car Lover's car fleet cleaning at Coomera

Touch-free auto car express wash

Our 360 touch-free technology, combined with our top-quality cleaning products, provides a flawless finish on your cars. It’s touch-free, meaning your team can drive your vehicles on through the car wash — no lifting a finger, and more importantly, no scratching up your fleet.

Car about to be washed as part of Carlover's car fleet cleaning service


Whether you’re transporting clients, patients, or packages, it’s important the interior of your fleet is clean, too. Our vacuums allow you to perfectly maintain your fleet cars’ interiors.

Customer cleaning car, car fleet cleaning

Manual bays

Enjoy access to premium, professional-grade soaps and waxes in our manual bays. Our manual bays are perfect for cars that need a little bit of extra elbow grease.

Why choose Car Lovers Express Clean Fleet for your fleet cleaning?

Wash your fleet, whenever

We know your team isn’t constrained to the typical 9am to 5pm business hours, and especially when it comes to washing your fleet, business hours won’t always suit. Our car washes are open 24/7, drop in whenever.

The industry’s best products

Our team only provides the very best, premium products in both our touch-free auto car washes and our manual washing bays. You’ll get access to high-quality soap and sealant products at our car washes, offering your fleet a flawless finish.

Support available

If you stop by during business hours, you’ll have access to support from our friendly team. We’re more than happy to help, should your team need help working out their first wash with us.

Easy key fob payment

There’s no need to set up each of your cars and team members with cards or collect receipts for reimbursements. Our easy key fob payment means your team can access and pay on the spot using their own fob.

Monthly invoices

At the end of each month, you’ll receive an invoice that comprises the expenses of each of your key fobs. It eliminates the need for complex bookkeeping, expense recording, and all of that administrative work.

Clean, quality facilities

Our facilities are a step above. From the capabilities of our touch-free auto car washes to the cleanliness and maintenance of our facilities. We do everything we can to avoid hanging those pesky ‘Out of Order’ signs at our car washes.

Cars love it at Car Lovers Express

Treat your car to a touch-free wash today.

Enjoy a pristine car clean from the comfort of your driver’s seat. Whether it’s a weekend away-dirty of just not quite sparkling, our touch-free automatic wash is sure to return your car to a sparkling condition.

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Treat your fleet with the care it deserves

Join the Clean Fleet today and keep your fleet’s cars spick ‘n’ span. Clean Fleet makes it simple to keep your fleet clean and accounted for.

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