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We’re Pet Friendly

We know that keeping the car clean is important, but so is keeping your dog well groomed. After all, if your pooch is clean, it makes keeping the car clean a whole lot easier, right? So, why not fill two needs with a single deed? Wash your car and your pet in one visit.

Car Lovers Express has undercover dog wash bays at some of our convenient locations. They are DIY and available 24/7, making appointments with the dog groomer a thing of the past.

A happy dog while being washed at Dog wash at Car Lovers Express

What do we offer?

We all know the labour of washing the dog. There’s the struggle to get them to keep still. Then there’s the fur that ends up in the bottom of the laundry tub or the shake that drenches you every. single. time. And of course, when it is done, what better way to celebrate than with a crazy race around the yard and a roll in the grass that leaves you wondering why you even bothered.

Our dog wash service helps to make bathing your dog a little less challenging but still lots of fun.

The secure, self-contained bays accommodate dogs of all sizes.

Touch-free auto wash

What are the benefits?

When you choose Car Lovers Express you drive away with a sparkling clean car and a clean, fresh smelling pooch. You also get:

Put an end to your doggy wash-time woes. Come and try out the Car Lovers Express Dog Wash service.

Dog wash at the Coomera Car Lovers Express location


We have available well-known brands of flea control shampoos, conditioners and deodorisers. You have the option to use whatever is available.

We try to cater for all needs but of course, we know that not all furry friends are the same. You are welcome to BYO products. We want you and your dog to have the best experience possible.

Our tubs are roomy and can hold up to 130kg (?) so it really depends on the breed.

All sites have at least one but this may vary from location to location. Check out Find Your Closest Car Wash for the details of your nearest service.

Yes, cause we know that doggos love being rewarded after a bath.

Absolutely! Your Car Lovers Club subscription can be used to access any of the services we offer at Car Lovers Express. That’s why it is excellent value for money.

A reminder about safety

The safety of all our customers including the four-legged ones, is paramount. Please ensure your pet is on a leash when not in the bay and follow our safety signage and instructions.
If you have any queries or concerns about the equipment and products provided please contact us.

Our staff are also on site during normal business hours to assist you with any queries you may have.

Touch-free auto wash

Cars love it at Car Lovers Express

Join the Car Lovers Club and save

Spending money on mobile dog washes? Getting frustrated with washing your dog in the bathtub? With a Car Lovers Club subscription your pet’s grooming just got easier and more affordable. This subscription is real value for money because it means you can access any of the services we offer, including the dog wash, as often as you like.

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Treat your car to a wash today.

A rural weekend away-dirty or just not quite sparkling-dirty – either way, it’s what we’re here for. Bring your car in for a sud-filled makeover.