Is there a Car lovers Express Car Wash near me?

With many convenient locations across the East Coast, Car Lovers Express Car Wash makes keeping your car clean simple and hassle-free.

An easy, cost-effective and non-abrasive car washing service

Let washing your grimy car under the hot Australian sun be a thing of the past. Car Lovers Car Wash gives you back your freedom and brings consistency into your already chaotic schedule. 

Regular cleaning has been proven to protect your car from environmental damage as well as retaining the car’s value. All of our locations are equipped with the latest technology to provide excellent service every single time you come in, whether you prefer an express wash or a manual clean. 

There’s no better feeling than driving around in a completely spotless car. Keep the feeling going with a Car Lover’s Infinity Wash Club membership, where you can get unlimited washes from just $9.95/week – No lock in contracts!

Land Rover Defender while being washed by a Touch-free car wash at Car Lovers Express

Touch-free auto car express wash

We’ve all heard that taking your car through an auto car wash will scratch your car and destroy the paint. That’s a myth. Our car express wash uses dynamic 360 touch-free technology and the best quality products to clean your car. Then, high-efficiency blowers dry it. We keep your car sparkling without the rough handling.

Dog Wash

Don’t let your furry friend muddy your freshly cleaned car, our dedicated dog wash bay keeps your car’s interior free from dirt and other pet related mess. With professional-grade shampoos and conditioners, keeping your dog clean has never been easier.


Join the Infinity Wash Club and pay a set monthly fee for unlimited automatic washes. It makes keeping your car in tip-top condition simple and cost-effective. Our best value!


Why stop at a surface clean? Give your vehicle a complete detail. Even a quick vacuum over the seats can transform your car’s interior. Stop by to use our professional vacuum and use our fragrance machine for the perfect finishing touch.

Manual Bays

Prefer to do it yourself? We have manual bays available, fit with professional-grade soaps and waxes. Each site also has vending machines that can accommodate your car wash needs. 

Short on time? We'll will get you back on the road in a flash

Not only is the Car Lover’s express car wash the most risk-free way to wash your pride and joy, it is also the most efficient. There’s no need to waste an hour or two of your precious time, we’ll have you in and out right away. The car express wash is also available all day everyday, so you won’t need to rearrange your schedule for a great service. 

We keep all brands of cars sparkling

Many convenient locations down the East Coast, drop in any time.

We understand most people have a busy schedule, and luckily you can pop into one of our nearby sites at any time of the day. Every Car Lovers Express Car Wash is fit out with state-of-the-art equipment and supplied with only the best in professional-grade cleaning products, so that your car will always leave us glistening. 

Drop into your local Car Lovers Express Car Wash any time you like – each of our locations are open 24/7 for your convenience.

Car Lovers Express car wash Coomera
Cars standing in a queue at the Car Lovers Express car wash

A car express wash that is gentle on your vehicle

Our quality car wash services are tough on dirt and grime while protecting the paint job for a shimmering finish. Whether you opt for our auto wash or manual bays, you can be sure the integrity of your car’s exterior will be maintained.

Simple tap and go cleaning system

Protect your investment with our tap and go express car wash services. Just tap your credit or debit card whenever your vehicle needs a wash, there’s no need to get out. This way we are informed when you are using one of our car wash machines and will only charge you for the products that you use.

Car before entering the Car Lovers car wash

Why your car will love Car Lovers Express Car Wash

Industry-leading products

Your car deserves only the best range for absolute protection. Treat it to the best in car washing at Car Lovers Express. We use Armor All and Rain-X products in our car washes, offering your car a spotless finish.

Open for you 24/7

No one needs another to-do list item that can only be completed during business hours. Drop into your local Car Lovers Express whenever your car needs it. We're open around the clock.

Friendly team available during business hours

Our team is here to help. Have a question about the products or the process? Need some help with your first wash? That's what we're here for.

Great value for money

When you wash your car with Car Lovers Express, you get a next-level car wash using premium products. The best part? It won't cost you an arm and a leg. We offer affordable car washing. Plus, you only pay for what you use.

Clean and up-to-date facilities

We want visiting Car Lovers Express to be the very best experience. So, we keep our facilities spotless, and we do our very best to avoid hanging those 'Out of Order' signs.

Pay electronically and only for what you use

Unlike other carwashes we don't charge time in 5 minute blocks. You only pay per minute for what you use. A $15 pre-authorisation is held then just press STOP to complete your wash and you will only be charged for your exact time

Your car deserves only the best

Take your car from 0 to clean in less than three steps

step one

Tap On

There’s no need to rummage through your centre console for spare change!

Drive over to your closest Car Lovers Express and tap your credit or debit card to begin.

step two

Clean your car

Drive through the touch-free auto wash, or alternatively, do a traditional manual wash.

You’ll get to use our state-of-the-art equipment and high-grade cleaning products.

step three

Pay for what you use

The total amount will be debited from your card.

You’ll only pay for the services and products you used – there’s no time limits or packages here!

Cars washed per month
1250 +
Expert staff
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Cars love it at Car Lovers Express

Find us down the East Coast of Australia

Looking for the closest car wash? We’re located right across the East Coast – both in regional spots and metro areas.

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