Manual wash bays

The perfect solution for the DIY car wash enthusiast

We know our Touch Free Auto Wash system is amazing, but we also realise that maybe it isn’t for everyone. If you prefer the hands-on approach to washing your wheels, our self-serve wash bays are exactly what you need.

All sites have vending machines stocking the latest in protectant wipes and air fresheners.

Customer washing their vintage car at a Coffs Harbour's Car Lovers Express car wash
Wash your motorbike at Car Lovers Express Car Wash

Not only for cars

 Self-serve wash bays cater for all types of vehicles and washing choices.

They are the answer if you enjoy hand washing and polishing your vehicle.  But they are also perfect if you need to clean your vehicle’s engine or if your transport of choice is a motorbike.

Do you have a workhorse with a ton of mud and grime that needs elbow grease to get it clean? Then the range of wash options in the manual wash bays will make your life a whole lot easier.

You can even wash your boat or van. But with the bigger rigs, please check with us first about clearance levels.

Pay per Minute

step one

Tap On

A $15 pre-authorisation will appear as pending on your account. This is to ensure your card is authorised and has funds available.


step two


Get your wash on. If you need any help with using our products or you’re uncertain what is best for your car please ask one of our team.

step three

Press stop

When you are done press STOP on the black card reader. Your card will then be charged for the exact number of minutes used.


step four


The $15 pre-authorisation will disappear from your account within 2-4 days. Your account will be charged for only the number of minutes used.

A range of options to suit your needs

Does the engine need degreasing? Selling the car and want to give it that showroom floor look?

Our self-serve manual wash bays have the solution for you.

You can opt for the works or go for the basics. The choice is yours. And best of all, only pay for what you use. Simply tap your card and get cleaning.

Each self-serve car wash bay has available:

High quality products to wash Car in manual wash bay
Car Lovers Express employee cleaning the interior of the car via a vacuum

Now, what’s the inside story?

Okay, the exterior of your car is sparkling, but what’s going on inside?  

Have you got enough sand on the floor to create a new beach?

Has the dog shed its fur all over the seats?

Or is the aroma that wafts up your passengers’ nostrils a bit like a gym locker room?

If this sounds like your car’s interior then maybe it’s time for a cleanse on the inside.

And for that we have vacuum bays!

From the floors to the boot, the powerful Car Lovers Express vacuum cleaners suck up the dirt leaving a gleaming interior.

Finally – banish the whiffy odours. Deodorise and drive off with a fragrant and fresh interior.

Self-serve wash bays are fantastic because…

You can give your vehicle the special personalised treatment it deserves.

If you live somewhere with limited parking and no space to wash and vacuum your car, then this is for you.

It’s great for the environment.  No suds or contaminated dirt running down your driveway and into the drains or onto your yard.

Then of course is the money saving part. Our Self-serve bays can help you save on your power and water bill as well as on expensive car cleaning products.

And because you trust us with your prized investment, we only use trusted car care products.

Car Lovers Express employee cleaning black car


Our wash systems aren’t time based. If you have a Car Lovers Club subscription you can use any of our services whenever you like. No need to feel rushed.

No subscription? Just tap your card and pay for what you use.

With such an extensive selection of retail products available, it is a bit tricky to have them all on hand. But we guarantee that only the best quality, professional car care products have been selected.

You are welcome to bring your own product. But your use of some of the wash options available may be limited as they are connected to a dispensing system. 

Cars love it at Car Lovers Express

Join the Car Lovers Club and save even more!

For a low-cost monthly fee you can access the self-serve wash bays, vacuums and all the car care products. Get that new car look and smell!

It’s easy!

Subscribe to the Car Lovers Club and use any of the facilities as often as you like.

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Treat your car to a wash today.

A rural weekend away-dirty or just not quite sparkling-dirty – either way, it’s what we’re here for. Bring your car in for a sud-filled makeover.