Touch-Free Auto Wash

Quick, convenient and great value

Say goodbye to the expensive and time-consuming process of traditional vehicle cleaning services and hello to Car Lovers Express’ ultimate car care solution – our automatic touchless car wash.

We’re committed to providing a wash process that avoids physical contact with your vehicle to ensure your car is cleaned safely in the risk-free cleaning process it deserves. Our intelligent 360-degree technology does just that by detecting the dimensions of your vehicle, then using high-pressure water and high-quality detergents to leave it looking spotless. No shammies, cloths, or other cleaning equipment required.

We’re so confident in our services that we offer you a guarantee: if you’re not happy with your wash, bring your car back and we’ll wash it again for free.

So why wait? Come down and make use of our touch free car wash today.

Car while being auto washed at a Car Lovers Express car wash
Close-up of a car going through a Car Lovers Express car wash

The touch-free automatic car wash. It’s the latest in dynamic 360º touch-free technology.

Enjoy the latest in dynamic 360º touch-free technology. Combined with the very best quality car washing products, this technology uses underbody and side blasters to wash your car with quality soap and high-pressure water. High-efficiency, 360º blowers will dry the car for minimal water streaking.

Drive through any time. Tap on and pay only for what you use.

The touch-free automatic car wash is the most efficient and cost-effective way to keep your car looking its best. Simply drive into the car wash, tap your EFTPOS card and make any selections you like – including your wash package and any products used. You’ll only pay for exactly what you use.

Wash Guarantee

We’re so confident in our facilities that if you’re not happy with your car wash’s results, you can bring it back, and we’ll wash it for free.

Good value for money, better products, and the best experience.

Car Lovers Express is based on these three principles. We want to provide cost-effective car washes that offer you value for money. Whether you’re subscribed to our Wash Club or are simply tapping your card and washing, we want you to have access to the best products available. So, each of our car washes is fit with the highest-quality products on the market. 

As for your experience? That’s in the standard of the equipment we supply, how we’ve streamlined the washing process, and in our tap and pay services and our Wash Club convenience.

Car Lovers Express car wash at Coomera captured with customers washing their cars

Why your car will love Car Lovers Express

Our facilities at Car Lovers Express is where cars come to feel good. You’ll love treating your vehicle to an automatic car wash at any of our 15 facilities down the East Coast, and here’s why:

Tap & Go

Our easy touch-free system means you don't have to leave your car to pay. Instead, simply tap your card from the comfort of your driver's seat, and you'll only be charged for what you use.

Open 24/7

Whether you need a crack of dawn wash before starting your day, a late-night wash after work, or a clean any time between, we've got you covered. Our automatic car wash systems are open 24/7 for your convenience. Please keep in mind, however, that our friendly wash attendants are only available during business hours.

Up-to-date, modern facilities

Enjoy a modern automatic car wash fitted with modern facilities. We use the right products to ensure your car is safely and effectively cleaned and avoid putting up those pesky "Out of Order" signs by constantly checking our equipment to keep our facilities in good working condition.

Only the best products

We take pride in providing exceptional hands free automatic car wash facilities that offer a spotless finish for your car. Our secret? We only use high-quality products. So treat your vehicle to the best with Armor All and Rain-X polishes.

Land Rover Defender while being serviced at a Touch-free Car Lovers Express car wash

Our Auto Wash Process

We understand you have a busy schedule, which is why we strive to make the process of washing your car as quick, simple, and straightforward as possible. Our process from start to end is as easy as sitting in your car and waiting while we handle the following:

  1. When you drive your vehicle into our wash bays, our touch-free car wash system scans your car’s dimensions using an intelligent 360 degree arm to ensure that the wash process is tailored specifically to your car’s size and shape.
  2. Using high-pressure water and high-quality detergents, our touch-free wash process eliminates dirt and grime from your car’s surface, no physical contact involved.
  3. As the cleaning process comes to an end, the water, and soap is rinsed away from your vehicle, leaving behind a spotless finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our touch-free car wash is safe for your vehicle. Unlike traditional car washes that use brushes or cloths that may scratch the paint or damage the exterior of your vehicle, our touch-free car wash facilities use high-pressure water and specialised detergents to clean your car, no physical contact necessary.

Our touch-free car washes use high-pressure water and specialised cleaning detergents to clean your car. No cloths, sponges, or brushes are involved. Our system uses an intelligent 360-degree arm that detects your vehicle’s dimensions, then sprays a high-pressure stream of water and cleaning solution onto your car to remove dirt, grime, and other debris.

Yes. At Car Lovers Express, we only use high-quality cleaning products in all our touch-free car wash systems. We use specialised detergents and cleaning solutions designed to be safe for your car’s exterior and paint while still providing a thorough and effective cleaning.

Yes, our touch-free car wash system is designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, including oversized and speciality cars. Our system utilises an intelligent 360-degree arm that detects your vehicle’s dimensions, ensuring a thorough and effective wash no matter the car you have. Trucks and other similarly large-model vehicles must check the permitted height of our washes before driving inside.

Our touch-free car wash system is generally priced similarly to traditional car washes. By choosing our facilities, however, you will enjoy a safer, more efficient, and more effective car wash experience than that which traditional washing companies offer.

Join the Wash Club

Do you own a company vehicle that requires regular washing? Are you someone who takes great pride in maintaining the appearance of your car? Would you like to make frequent car washing more convenient and cost-effective? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the Car Lovers Express Wash Club is for you.

Sign-ups are currently available to join at Arundel and Dubbo, and coming soon to all other sites near you. Register your interest today.

Cars love it at Car Lovers Express

Treat your car to a touch-free wash today.

Enjoy a pristine car clean from the comfort of your driver’s seat. Whether it’s a weekend away-dirty of just not quite sparkling, our touch-free automatic wash is sure to return your car to a sparkling condition.

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